Észlelések Észlelés 4894a (Esemény 4894-2020)

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NévDarrell N
Gyakorlottsági szint1/5
MegjegyzésI was indoors, working at my computer in my home office. The computer monitor is below a north facing window. From my sitting position, my view outside goes from approximately the horizon to about 50 degrees up, and from about 50 degrees to the left (west) of north to a little less than 10 degrees right (east) of north. I wear reading glasses to view my monitor. I saw the bright flash of light above the frame of my glasses, so it could not have been something on my computer. The origin of the flash was above my field of view out the window, so I was not able to see the source, but it appeared to be more or less directly above, i.e., not a great distance east or west of me. The duration was similar to a camera flash, shorter than the blink of an eye. During lunch a short while later, I remarked to my wife that I had seen this flash. She replied that she had seen it also. At the time, she was sitting in our living room, at the opposite end of the house, where the windows face south. However, she was seated away from the window, in the middle of the room, facing away from the window, so she also did not see the source. After lunch, I checked our utility companies' websites to rule out whether or not the flash may have been caused by a fault in the electrical transmission system, such as an exploding transformer. No electrical disturbances were reported. My computer's UPS system also did not report any changes in power at the time. I have seen bolides at night on two occasions. This daylight event was similar to the terminal flash of a bolide. The time reported is approximate. It did not occur to me to check the time when it occurred. I remember it as a little before noon, although my wife thinks it may have been an hour earlier.
CímSaskatoon, Saskatchewan (CA)
Földrajzi szélesség52° 6' 40,67'' N (52,11°)
Földrajzi hosszúság 106° 38' 42,03'' W (-106,65°)
Időpont és időtartam
Időpont helyi időben2020-08-28 11:45 CST
Időpont világidőben (UT)2020-08-28 17:45 UT
Haladási irányLentről felfelé
Haladási szög-
Észlelő helyzetének irányszöge-
Feltűnési pont iránya-
Feltűnési pont magassága90°
Eltűnési pont iránya-
Eltűnési pont magassága90°
Fényesség és szín
Egyidejű hang
Késleltetett hang
Maradó nyom
Felvillanás a jelenség végén
MegjegyzésA single bright flash. Think about how bright a flash of lightning appears in the semi-darkness of a thunderstorm. This flash was a bright as that, but it occurred in full sunlight on a cloudless day, that is, it lit up the daytime sky as bright as a lightning strike lights up a storm.
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